About The Wrecks

Founded in 2017, The Wreckord is a website and social media platform showcasing food, travel and lifestyle content. Based in New York City, foodie and travel obsessed founders, Tori Domenico and Eric Mackey, created The Wreckord to share their passion for life through pizza crawls, mozzarella stick pulls and exploring the best of domestic and international travel. For The Wreckord, no destination is too far. No restaurant or food truck is not worth the journey. Follow them as they embark on their next adventure " On the Wreckord" ...

A Wreck (noun): 

  • A person who prefers Hidden Gems over Michelin Stars and off the beaten path travels over typical tourist traps

  •  A person who enjoys experiences over materials, who causes a riot on the weekends, but is a diligent, productive citizen Monday through Friday who crushes the work week

  • A person who aligns their life (and appetite) with the motto "my favorite thing is to go where I haven't been"


Hashtags: #WreckYourDiet #WreckedWorld #FoodWreck



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