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Photo: The Wreckord (Tommy Domenico Photography)

If everyone is speaking Italian, you know you are where you are supposed to be.


Waking up early to a cloudless sky, bright blue waves in the distance and Italian birds chirping outside your villa door, (Italian birds aren’t as annoying as American birds), is definitely something a person can get used to. Starting the day with Italian pastries from Bar Internazionale, is not only delicious but cheap, easy and super quick before heading to the beach. The fat-boy selections are endless: Nutella croissants, jelly-filled doughnuts and powered covered dough thingys line the countertops. Don’t be afraid to YOLO with all of the carbs; get wild with 5 or 6 pastries to start off a kick- ass day…which will only cost you about 5 Euros, BTW.


Any obnoxious American family with 5 screaming kids and overly PDA newlywed couples you want to punch in the face can flock to the main beach of Spiaggia Grande which is seen pictured in every single Google search of Positano. Not to say it is not one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and a must Insta, but what most travelers don’t know is that a small dirt path and a 10 minute walk with views for miles leads to the lesser known, but equally as beautiful, beach of Spiaggia Di Fornillo.

Local restaurants, bars and ice cream stands line the beach with a much more relaxed crowd; let’s call them the, “Italian Brooklyn hipsters.” At times it feels like you are the only person in the water because, you are. If you are looking to experience a beach that doesn’t remind of you Time Square, Spiaggia Di Fornillo is the place for you.


It is easy to get extremely overwhelmed when trying to decide between an abundance of beach restaurants with overpriced menus. If you don’t want to spend 3 hours wandering around and asking your significant other, “but what do you want to eat,” head to Capricci.

Here’s the secret: Skip sitting down at the restaurant on the street. Walk through the town’s center road, enter through the pizza parlor doors and order to go. Snag a seat on the outdoor terrace in the back of the parlor overlooking the main beach. Spend 2 euros on a beer to wash down the best pizza in town.

**Wrecked Order: Ask for the calzone, or “panzerotti”, you will be pleasantly surprised by the extra layer of sauce and cheese on top of the fold, because who doesn’t want to be a complete orca on vacation, duh.


The best decision you can make while staying in Positano is to skip the jam-packed boats filled with boring old people that sail to Capri and head to the rental stands on the main beach to book a private boat. Don’t be fooled, it’s not as expensive as you think. Talk to the teller about the 300 Euro boats that sail four people for 4.5 hours. That’s $75 bucks each for a local private skipper, towels and a few beers ,(if you aren’t an amateur, you will bring a cooler with additional liquor and beers for a serious day of boozing and cruising).

The first thing you need to do is ask for Giogio De Lucia to be your skipper. He is the man, knows good music and will show you a good time in his hometown. Tell him you want to, “jump off some stuff, swim into caves and sail the coastline.” Not only will you do all of that, but instead of waiting 2 hours to see the Blue Grotto, he will take you to the Grotto dello Smeraldo aka The Emerald Cove. For 5 Euro and no line, you will board a small row boat and experience the bright green and blue water that is a result of the reflection of the sun shining into the cave. If you’re into religion, there is some kind of dead baby nativity scene under the water that the guide points out; super creepy, but cool.


A must visit restaurant with floor to ceiling glass windows on the side of the road in Positano. If you are starting to feel tired of the pizza and red sauce, head to Casa Mele, a family owned modern kitchen perfect for date night or a family meal. Chef Raffaelle Mandara’s dishes are out of this world amazing. The staff is accommodating and will tailor food to your liking. Unique dishes, a robust wine list and an upscale dining atmosphere makes Casa Mele a top choice when visiting the area.

*Wrecked Menu: The menu is always changing, but ask about the Beet Risotto with Fresh Herring and the Lobster Salad.

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