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"Everything came together from the artists, to the stage design, the sound, the venue, the weather, but most of all the thousands of people losing their minds till the afternoon"

The wait is over! Crazy Larry sat down with The Wreckord for an exclusive interview. We know how it all began, but now let's get personal.

THE WRECKORD: What has been the biggest gig to date for you personally? Craziest party? Most embarrassing moment performing? Let’s get this ON THE WRECKORD!

CRAZY LARRY: Hmmm good question! I think biggest gig was opening for Loco Dice and Luciano on the “I'm on a Boat” party in Detroit, the first one. I played live for about 45 minutes while we boarded, so we had about 2,000 people in the main room for my last few tracks. I was going crazy, Larry style (hehe). I actually got the compliment of my career from Marco Carola who was standing behind me the whole time. Glad I didn’t know he was there until after!

Craziest party, that’s an easy one. Everyone that knows me know the answer to this, Innervisions BPM at Blue Venado Pt 1. The infamous double rainbow event. Everything came together on that one from the artists, to the stage design, the sound, the venue, the weather, but most of all the thousands of people losing their minds till the afternoon. We went BIG (7 bottles of 1942 we went through didn’t hurt either). The owner had to give us special permission for that one, but after me dealing with him for 2 days straight and basically turning his wedding venue upside down to throw a proper rave he said, “for you crazy, anything." It was half sarcastic but half love, but he was loving what we did for him so it was all good in the end. The highlight of the night was the bottle of jack on the bus ride home with the 252 boys and Betty Kang.

Now onto my most embarrassing moment as a DJ! It was probably Nikola taking my USB out of the CD player on my last track before he played his set in between Marcus Worgull and I. Output was rocking at about 124 bpm, kept it nice and tight......then silence. Full room (sigh).

My most embarrassing moment as a promoter was wayyyy back in Denver. I was doing the opening of Beta for Brad Roulier, we had Steve Bug and Mod Selektor with an after party at the Gothic Theater. We got busses and everything to get people over to the Gothic for Pier Bucci and Dennis Rodgers of Robots fame. I was being a good boy and only having a few drinks because it was a big show, big! Steve had me do a giant shot of Jager at the end of the night at Beta with him and I hadn’t really eat much all day because of the stress and nervousness. I think I was maybe 21 at the time. Long story short that shot did me in good, I suck at Jager, and got carried out of my own party. Brad even had to go to the ATM to finish paying the venue. Sorry Brad! Lesson learned, don’t ever take shots with Steve Bug!

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