• Eric Mack


(Photo: The Wreckord)

  1. Morning Stroll & Sightseeing

We all have to do it. You're a tourist, go see the city and compare it to your own! Head to Big Ben, check him and those handsome "hands" out. Then stroll along the Queen's Walk on the river and maybe hop on the Eye of London if feeling righteous.

Keep walking and take it all in. You will pass the Queen's Walk carousel and when you keep along the path there is a staple skate park that has been preserved and has been fought to be kept for years by the locals! If you're lucky enough to visit in November, December or January, the Queen's Walk holiday market is off the charts! Have some mulled wine and gingerbread for breakfast. If you're still hungry there are plenty of wooden carts (like food trucks) offering Bratwurst, Racelette Sandwiches, Pulled Pork Sandwiches and even Asian Fusion trucks. It MAY be better than Williamsburg's Smorgasburg.

Anyway, keep moving. Check out Buckingham Palace and those stone cold guards, take pictures and enjoy the scenery. WALK the city...that's how you see it; no need for an Uber! Woof, before you know it you've walked a few miles, have seen the city and it's time for lunch.

2. Lunch: Fuller's Kitchen - Ale & Pie's (The Admiralty)

Us Wrecks usually either wake up hungover or step off the plane and explore all morning, then trek through the day. After walking so much, you deserve to go HAM for a London-style meal with a nice tall brewski at this historical spot. Their award winning pies are undeniably good, with perfectly cooked meats infused with mashed potatoes and gravy (or veggies and creams) with the perfect overall ratio and texture. We wreckmend the classic "Fish N' Chips" as they are nicely sized and fried (not greasy nor mushy), but just right.

Pro Tip: We wreckmend getting the pie / ale sampler and an order of fish and chips and splitting it all for two.

3. Late Afternoon Pub Stroll

After one hell of a lunch, go unwind and check out some true London style pubs. We suggest strolling through SOHO and stopping by John Snow's Bar. Well, we all know everyone loves the name John Snow in 2018, so we went for it (seriously, who doesn't have a man crush on John Snow - male or female)?!

What did we find? A cool, hip, board-game "Clue" like pub with two floors that served cheaper than #NYC drinks in a casual, happy-hour setting.

4. Dishoom - Dinner

They say London is know for their take on Indian food. Go ALL IN with highly acclaimed, Dishoom - it's worth it! We wreckmend getting there early to avoid long lines.

Start with with drinks, bread, Fried Okra and their take on Fried Calamari! Then follow up the starters with their signature Lamb Chops that cut like butter, the classic Chicken Tikka, and the highlight of the meal...the side for these two meats, their 24-hour slow-cooked, lentil 'Dahl'. It is served with their style bread in a chili like cup or bowl (pending size ordered) and it goes with the entire meal! We dipped the Lamb Chops and Chicken Tikka in the Dahl. Don't forget to order the delicious Garlic Bread. The restaurant has a lovely essence and vibe, and it is perfect for all Wrecks visiting London.

5. Night Cap

Depending on how tired you are from all that sightseeing, eating and walking, you may want to just go chill at your hotel and call it a night. If you're a true wreck, maybe you'd like to stroll through Leicster Square and stop by the Mini Pancake stand for dessert (out of this world)!

Of course, you can check out the night life if want to keep the night going! Whether an English Pub in Soho, or a legendary nightclub to go dancing at like Fabric, there is something for everyone in this city.

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