• Tori Domenico


Photo The Wreckord

Ample Hills Creamery has officially opened under the Urby on 200 Greene St. in Jersey City and we're more than pretty excited about it. Why do you ask? The number one reason is that we are foodies aka 'super fatties' and we have been waiting for a decent ice cream shop to open in the neighborhood. The fact that this one only requires a 50 foot walk from our apartment is beyond our wildest JC ice cream dreams!

Naturally, we ordered a sundae with Ample Circus and Sweet Cookies & Cream over a warm lava butter cake with whipped cream, caramel & chocolate sprinkles - ooooooof! Insta-worhty and equally delicious (photo above).

Ample Hills Creamery

Brooklyn based, Ample Hills Creamery was opened in the spring of 2011. The ice cream is made slowly and by hand using only the best ingredients (hormone free milk, organic cane sugar and milk from grass fed cows)...and we have to say it was worth every calorie. Husband and wife owners, Brian and Jackie, pledge to "never take life too seriously", which is the same way we live our lives!

Some popular flavors available in Jersey City:

Prices range from $3.95 for a children's small to $6.95 for a large. We give Ample Hills JC an A+ for opening day and we're excited to drown ourselves in ice cream all year round.

Shop ice cream here!

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