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Photos courtesy of Hanakini Swim

While traveling through Eastern Europe a few years ago, I was lucky enough to cross paths with Melanie Gluck. She had been traveling solo and told us stories of her adventures throughout the world. After that, we kept in touch via social and I continued to follow her journey through her photos. She is now living in Haiku, Hawaii (#goals) and has started a new fashion endeavor – Hanakini Swim.

We all know looking for affordable, functional AND cute swimsuits is challenging these days (especially with the V-Secret focusing on their fitness line instead). So we sat down "On the Wreckord" with Melanie so she could tell us more about the swim line inspired by her travels and favorite activities.

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THE WRECKORD: Tell us about Hanakini? What was your inspiration for the brand? How did an idea become a reality?

MG: Hanakini is a lifestyle swimwear brand offering high-quality swim separates at an affordable price. More importantly it's for the girl that does her daily rituals in a bikini - whether it's sunrise yoga, surfing with friends, or relaxing by the pool.

The brand was inspired by the beautiful and secluded tropical town of Hana, Hawaii. It is a cliffside town on volcanic black and red sand beaches with crystal blue ocean waters. There is endless amounts of waterfalls, cliff jumping, coconut trees and fruit stands. I spent many days out on adventures with friends looking for one comfy suit to wear. Being a travel enthusiast I was always on the go! I wanted the brand to reflect that spontaneous lifestyle of functional and versatile.

I have a background in business and fashion from FIDM, which led me to utilizing resources from my past to launch the brand. Currently, I wear many hats but I am looking to expand, hire, and launch handmade unique designs by 2019!

THE WRECKORD: Any advice for women or men who want to get into fashion or travel?

MG: As cliche as it sounds, "Just Do It". A lot of people spend too much time thinking about the specifics or seeking perfection before they pursue an idea. Magical things happen when your trust your intuition. If you fail, fail hard and get back up and if you win, keep progressing!

THE WRECKORD: How do sizes fit? How should women look for sizes when visiting the site?

MG: Generally, Hanakini suits run 'true to size' however, that can be too generic. So, we have size recommendations within each item description, advice is fitted by many sizes of women. We have a standardized size chart that can vary by an inch which can be found in the size guide section of our website.

THE WRECKORD: Can consumers look forward to any new promos or launches before spring/summer season?

MG: We are doing a free bikini giveaway for Valentines Day beginning today, Feb. 1, 2018. Information will be on our social media pages for the giveaway! Stay tuned as we are launching up to 20 new styles for spring and summer, which have yet to be revealed on the site



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