• Joey "Mr. Electric" Rapice


1. Befriend the Friends: You’re already “friends”, now it is time to win over her squad. We’re talking ALL friends…that means; home friends, college friends, work friends - the whole nine. Once they’re in your corner, you have her nearest and dearest already rooting for you.

2. Be Persistent: Even when her friends say there is absolutely no shot, keep that gorgeous head up and never give up. Always remember to remain her friend, even when she says NO. She’s probably just scared to “ruin your friendship”, a classic story. Just remember to take breaks between each time you pursue a date with her. You’ll have to make her see what she’s missing…with that said, see next step:

3. Make Her Jealous: There is nothing a girl wants more than something she can’t have or something she could have had, but lost. Go out with other smokeshows, and bonus points if she knows who they are. Guess what? You’re still friends and you’re still single. So, when you have a chance to bring around a hottie, do it.

4. Seal the Deal with the Fam: If friend zoned, you’re bound to meet each other’s parents or siblings. When you do, make sure you go with the flow, and be ready for all obstacles and challenges that may cross your path. Remember you are still a friend…so the family won’t be as hard on you. Wrecked Rule: Bonus points if you win over her mom.

5. Be Yourself: Well, she is already your friend, so there’s clearly something about you that has peaked her interest (obviously, you’re amazing). Don’t try to be a person you think she wants you to be and lose yourself in the process of winning the ultimate prize…a new bae who also happens to be your best friend. Congrats! You’ve escaped the friend zone and entered the bed zone.

No matter what you're doing in this life, ABE (always be electric).

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