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Summer is over and it's fair to say that you have seen all of your friends European summer vacation spots all over Instagram. You've probably seen a few trips to Greece and with that everyone probably made a pit stop at either Mykonos or Santorini. Those islands are beautiful but don't you want to go somewhere different? Somewhere that's sure to get you more likes than your friends’ neverending engagement photos.....

You need to go to Milos. Just Northwest of Santorini you're guaranteed the same breathtaking views, fewer tourists, breathtaking sunsets, life-changing food, friendly locals, and the experience of a lifetime.

Take Me to Milos!

If you’re coming from Athens, you can take the 3-hour ferry from Piraeous into Adamas or just plane it. Milos is a pretty accessible Greek island. If you can, go in the beginning of summer before all of the tourists take over (July and August are peak season) and you’ll have the island basically to yourself.

Where to Stay

Located right at the tip of Pollonia, Nefeli Sunset Studios is a great go to spot. You’ll have your very own oceanfront suite on the beach and be transported to pure bliss.

What to Do

If you’re going to do one thing, you’ve got to do the Thalassitra Sailing tour. It is by far the best sailing tour on the island and maybe even EVER. You’ll be able to explore the entire island by boat, meet new friends, eat boat-cooked local food, booze it up with unlimited beer and wine, soak in the gorgeous views, and maybe see dolphins!

Milos is famous for its many exotic beaches. You’ll need a car (preferably with 4-wheel drive) to check all of them out. But you will absolutely need to take the plunge at Sarakiniko! This “beach” looks like you’re literally on the moon and with an insta-worthy cliff, you’re sure to face your fears in the name of cliff-diving insta-fame!

Papafragas Beach is a must for the daring. It is a hidden beach tucked in between two cliffs. There’s a sign that says “Warning! Dangerous Cliffs, Keep Away” but if you crawl down the side of the cliff, it is SO worth it. Be careful! You’ll be rewarded with your own private beach where you can swim through hidden coves.

After a sun-kissed day, you can’t miss the sunset at Utopia Cafe in Plaka. Your breath is guaranteed to be taken away, and unlike Santorini you won’t be viewing it through a crowd of selfie-sticks...

Where to Eat

Armenaki in Pollonia…. it is the best fish on the island! You can pick your fresh fish straight from the ice chest. It doesn’t get better than that!

Gialos is in Pollonia. Amazing place to watch the sunset right on the water and amazing food and wine!

O! Hamos! Feel like a Greek at this restaurant eating traditional Milos meals in Adamas. All meat and cheese are from their very own farm. The food is so fresh and delicious - truly authentic!

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