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"All I try to do is touch people in their hearts and souls through the style of music I play and the way I build the night or podcast"

Known for his popular "Deep & Sexy Podcast," we sat down with Deep House aficionado Alex Cruz ahead of his busy summer 2018 tour schedule for this edition of the "On the Wreckord" DJ series.

After discovering his undeniable deep house talent on SoundCloud a few years back, the Wrecks caught him live in New York at Output (voted the best club in the world last year) and it wasn't long into the night where we decided we not only respected his talent, but we officially were along for the ride.

The DJ and producer took his passion for music and DJ’ing and developed a smooth sound by remixing classics and producing originals and he instantly attracted a strong fan base and following. Today, the man is busy traveling the globe and sharing his music. Cruz has certainly found a niche market and is continuing to soar, so let’s take a look at where he came from, how he got to where he is and what to look forward to (including a set at EDC Las Vegas this week) "On the Wreckord!"

THE WRECKORD: Tell us a little about your musical background. What's your story and how did you first start the Deep & Sexy podcast?

AC: My passion for music came from the side of my dad and granddad. I started DJ’ing when I was around 18 years old and grew up slowly but surely within the Amsterdam DJ scene. I was known as the more ‘allround’ DJ but after playing several genres and parties I got a little fed up with that. At that moment I started to play tracks from the heart only and my ‘Deep & Sexy’ podcast series was born.

THE WRECKORD: What was it like getting started in Amsterdam and how did you make the transition to the US music scene?

AC: Since I started my Deep & Sexy Podcast, I gained more and more followers worldwide. Most of my followers came from the US. Therefore, I decided to move to the United States to be closer to the fire and grow my career from there.

THE WRECKORD: We are big fans of Deep & Sexy! You have a strong cult-like following and your music is uplifting, positive and provides a sense of community and connection for your fans. What has led you here and what do you want your fans to take away from your events?

AC: All I try to do is touch people in their hearts and souls through the style of music I play and the way I build the night or podcast. I try to write a story, (like a writer) but then with music instead of words. I find all like-minded people at the events I play and so that makes me really happy to see. A lot of people find new friends or even partners at the events I play for.

THE WRECKORD: Have there been any significant bumps in the road that you were able to overcome? Any that made you take a different road?

AC: The bumps were very simple: the time that I played as an ‘allround’ DJ were the times that I didn’t really feel fulfilled. Yes I touched people, but not fully the way I wanted. By changing my music style to songs which I truly feel and love, that’s what brought me many steps further on the ladder.

THE WRECKORD: What has been the biggest gig to date for you personally? Most embarrassing moment performing? Let’s get this on #TheWreckord

AC: The biggest gig regarding the number of people has been one for 20,000 people in Athens, Greece. The biggest gig if it comes to most fulfilling are the ones where I see and feel an energy from the crowd which is out of this world. It is like gluing the whole crowd together, so all individuals, into one big ‘communal energy’. Not only can I feel it, but the crowd definitely feels that as well.

My most embarrassing moment was when I thought I was gonna press ‘play’ on a deck which the crowd wasn’t hearing through the speakers. I did push another ‘stop’ button though of the track which was actually playing at that moment. So there was….silence….all of a sudden. The MC that evening saved my ass by hyping up the people and so assuming the pressing ’stop’ button was part of the show (laughing out loud to myself now down the road).

THE WRECKORD: What can fans expect from you in the future? Anything in the works you want them to know / get excited for?

AC: I will keep on bringing my Deep & Sexy podcasts and will also create more and more originals the next coming months. So expect more and more releases on Spotify as well.

THE WRECKORD: Where has your music taken you (a place or moment) that you never thought you would experience?

AC: I just keep on being surprised by the amount of people who have such great and loving hearts. People who are so kind, humble and also passionate for the people around them, their family and friends and also passionate for their own goals in life. It is such a treat to be surrounded with these people. I would have never thought that my music could put me in touch with so many people like this.

THE WRECKORD: Who or what are you most inspired by?

AC: That is a hard question. I would say I am inspired by the reactions of people who listen to (my) music and share their stories and experiences with me. But I am also inspired by the amount of joy and happiness people show when I am playing live for them. Sitting down in my studio and creating a new song is probably an accumulation of all my experiences in life. It is hard to say where that comes from but sometimes I feel I am guided to just come up with a melody and then by being in the zone for hours all of a sudden create a song.

THE WRECKORD: Any upcoming tour dates you are getting geared up for? What can EDC festival goers expect from your set on the 20th?

AC: EDC on the 20th of May will be special again. I played there last year and will this year again. I never know what I am playing upfront, so I will just feel out the energy and start playing from there. I will definitely play lots of new stuff!

For more on Alex Cruz visit: https://soundcloud.com/alexcruz Tell us your thoughts on Instagram @TheWreckord

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