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Photo by The Wreckord

We recently went to Paris over the holidays and let us just say, the city lives up to its hype! Anywhere you choose to go in Paris, both the food and wine will be amazing. Our one goal was to eat our way through the city...and that's exactly what we did! Check out our "Top 5 Restaurant Wreckmendations" that you MUST try when in Paris!

1. Angelina's - When we heard this place was the best hot chocolate in Paris, we needed to get our fat-asses there and try it for ourselves. Is it touristy? Yes. Will you wait in line? Definitely. Is it worth it? 100%. Dating back to 1903, this famous tea room has had decades to perfect its art in Parisian desserts for an unforgettable experience. The hot chocolate was hands down, the best we’ve ever had. It’s very rich and can be easily paired with any of their delicious desserts (which are made on-premise).

*Pro Tip: Order one hot chocolate, it can easily be shared between two people. Also, try to get there early to get your pastry of choice because once they sell out of a dessert, it's out for the day!

2. Robert et Louise This restaurant house is a must and the steak was simply amazing! Cooked on an open wood burning stove, we #wreckmend getting the steak for two which comes with a side salad and potatoes. You really can't go wrong! A good rule of thumb when choosing how you would like your steak to be cooked is to order it a little more cooked than you typically would order it in the U.S. Compared to America, Parisians tends to cook their meat more on the rare side.

3. Restaurant Le Grand Colbert - Remember that scene in the movie “Something's Gotta Give” when they were in Paris? Well, this was not the place. However, while filming the movie, Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton and Keanu Reeves chose THIS place as their one and only meal in Paris. If it's good enough for the A-List, it's certainly good enough for us Wrecks. Our #wreckmendation, order the braised beef, the escargot (#wheninparis) and beef tartare... and 3 bottles of red wine, obviously.

4. Breizh Cafe - Chances are that you’ll have to wait outside before getting a table, but it’s worth it. After an hour wait (in the rain BTW), we sat down and ordered a bottle of champagne, because YOLO. The buckwheat crepes were hands down the best crepes we've had in Paris. Since we went for breakfast, we ordered the savory crepes (don't worry, we stopped by Laduree for some dessert macrons post game, too).

Pro Tip: Opt for any of the ciders they have available. Not only do they pair perfectly with crepes, they’re also 1/8th the price of the champagne (less money on champs = more ciders).

5. Le Refuge des Fondus - MAKE.THIS.A.PRIORITY! This fondue restaurant serves wine and beer in baby bottles, need we say more!? The food is delicious, but the atmosphere is even better. The place (somewhat) forces you to make friends by seating you next to other parties. Make friends with the table next to you, one table gets the cheese fondue and the other will get the meat.

All in all, even if you only get to one of these suggestions, trust us --- it will be worth it. We loved it all so much, we’re already planning our next trip back!

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