• Michael Spinella


Photo The Wreckord

Let’s face it, the NYC rat race is exhausting and the people are…well, basically the absolute worst. If you’re looking for a weekend getaway and get a couple of solid Instas, then look no further than Portland, Maine – a slower paced city (the way life should be) and a 7 hour drive from the city.

Check out our top wreckmendations for where to eat, drink and what to see while visiting this picture perfect city in the spring or summer.

Where to Eat

Slab: Located in Downtown Portland, this Sicilian street food joint is perfect for lunch or dinner and they also have several craft beers on tap! We wreckmend getting the Cauliflower Pizza (#FitFam). Come here on a Friday night and they’ll have live bands, outdoor picnic tables (weather permitting) and cornhole.

Dutches: Hungover or sober, this spot makes the best breakfast in Portland. Get super bae-sic and unleash your inner betch... order the avocado toast and DO NOT forget the potatoes, you’ll thank us later. If you’re also obsessed with hot sauce like we are, you’re in luck! This place makes their own and it’s so good, Dutches bottles it and sells it so you can bring it back home with you.

The Holy Donut: Famous for their Gluten-Free Potato Donuts (because who isn’t gluten free nowadays?), you MUST experience these handcrafted creations! There is usually a line, but it moves quickly. We have tried all the flavors, obviously – but our favorites are the Chocolate Sea Salt, Coffee Cake, and Maple Bacon. Try and make your way here early because once they sell out, they close.

DiMillo’s on the Water: You’re in Maine and if you haven’t already, it is time you eat some lobster! In New England it is pretty much its own food group. If you’re trying to class it up a bit, DiMillo’s is the place. Set on an old boat in the marina, this place will give you Titanic vibes and great views!

Coffee by Design: This is not a restaurant, but this local coffee roaster is totes worth the visit! Not only is coffee by design sold everywhere, it's out of this world and we can’t get enough of it. Stock up and make sure you bring some home with you!

Where to Snap Instas

The Portland Head Light: About a 10 minute drive out of downtown Portland, this is our favorite lighthouse in Maine. Carve out 1-2 hours to explore to explore this beauty. The place is ideal for a picnic and to hang. Not to mention, “Bite into Maine” is located here – so order a LOBSTA roll. Large chunks of fresh lobster served on a buttery roll...those taste buds of yours will thank you. ​

Spring Point Headlight: Located about a quarter mile off shore, this lighthouse is located on a jetty and on a sunny day it is worth the walk out there. Not only can you see all the lobster traps set in the water, but off in the distance you can see The Portland Head Light.

The Eastern Promenade: The area is lined with trails, a park and views of the islands located off the coast of Maine. While you’re here, you can see all the ships coming in and out of the port, bring some beers, some snacks and just relax.

Even us Wrecks need a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city and that is why we love Maine. People are actually nice (crazy I know), the food is amazing and not to mention the coffee is FIRE....the surroundings are simply stunning. They don’t call it "vacationland" for nothin!

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