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Have you stumbled out of a boozy brunch, only to hobble into the neighborhood puppy store? Yeah, okay so you want that super cute fluffy puppy who is looking at you like "ADOPT ME!", but there’s a million factors of why it hasn’t been the right time. Well, how do you know when you’re finally ready to get a pup?

Here are the top 5 things you can do to prove to yourself (or your boyfriend) you’re ready for a four-legged friend...

5. A Day in the Life

Create a simple spreadsheet of a day in the life with your puppy. If you’re getting a brand new 8-week old puppy, they need to go out to potty every hour. Yes, every hour. What does that look like for you? Do you work from home? Are you sharing responsibilities with someone else? Will you need a dog walker? How many times a day? Do you have time for puppy training, socialization, and exercise?

If this schedule is something you don’t want to do every single day, stop right there - don’t get a puppy! Consider rescuing an adult dog who needs a home and is already potty trained.

4. It’s All About the Benjamin's

So getting up and taking your pooch out in the middle of the night and at 6:00am every morning doesn’t scare you? Great! You’re on to the next step - your budget.

Vet costs are no joke and you should plan for $500 to $700 for vaccinations, neutering/spaying, and your typical puppy ‘I think my dog ate my sock’ health scares. WebMD for puppies is just as bad as the human version so you’ll find yourself bringing your pooch in from time to time just to be sure.

Prepare for all the other little costs (around $200 upfront and $50/month after that) for your puppy including home costs (puppy gates, an “X-Pen”, a crate, etc.) food, toys, grooming ($75 every couple months) and the typical accessories (leash, collar/harness, a carrier, etc.) Dog walkers ($15-25 per walk), pet sitters - it really all adds up!

3. Choose a Breed Wisely

Just because a certain breed pulls on your heart strings, does not mean that it is the right breed for you.

Sure, you may have a thing for long, soft, floppy ears, but if you’re spending hopefully 10-16 years with your four-legged friend then you’ve got to be prepared for all the traits that come along with it. Some dogs require A LOT of exercise and some just chill. Some were bred to be watchdogs (bark! bark! bark! stranger danger!) and others wouldn’t bat an eyelid if the clown from “It” crept through the door while you slept.

Decide on a breed that best fits your lifestyle first, and then get passionate about it!

2. Consider Adopting, or Find the Right Breeder

There is nothing better than adopting your furry friend. There are millions of dogs out there who hit a rough patch in life but would make perfect companions. If you are open to it, go for it. Volunteer at a shelter and you’ll see just how amazing they are.There are a ton of breed-specific shelters and websites like petfinder.com so you can stick to the breed you love. #adoptdontshop

If you’re not able to adopt, you’ve got to be the Sherlock Holmes of finding your perfect breeder. There are so many websites that seem legit, but you’ve got to do the research to know the red flags. The #1 most important thing to make sure of: That your breeder will take back your dog at any point of the dog’s life. Of course you will never return your pup, but this is a super important breeder policy because it confirms that your breeder truly cares about the well-being of their dogs and treats them as their own.

Absolutely do NOT choose any breeder that won’t let you meet both of your puppies parents, visit their home, and provide proof of health guarantees.

Find out more on www.petfinder.com - so you can stick to the breed you love. #adoptdontshop

1. Make The Leap!

If you’ve made it this far and you’re ready for a new furry family member, congratulations! Go get your pup, make him/her insta-famous and share your story with us in Instagram!

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Want more? Two great puppy prep books are: The Puppy Primer and Training the Best Dog Ever

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