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Photo by The Wreckord

Chicago has a lot more to offer than deep-dish (although we are obsessed with Lou’s). Looking for a boozy brunch, a cheap hangover breakfast sandy or a family friendly option? No matter what brings you to the Windy City, you should definitely check out the below wreckmendations!

1. SARKIS CAFE - For the Hungover Wreck

If you know, you know. This iconic cash-only Chicago staple has been feeding hungover wrecks since the 1950’s. Located in Evanston, it is known for its cheap omelettes & famous open face breakfast sandwiches; The Bacon Loretta and The Disaster - which both cost about $8.00 with a soda.


  • The Loretta - Open face sandwich on French bread with your choice of meat, green pepper, onion, tomato, mayo and cheese. This greasy goodness is one way to cure your body after a long night. Obviously, ADD hot sauce!

  • The Disaster - Homemade ground beef Armenians Sausage with melted white cheese, green peppers, tomatoes, onions on French Bread.

2. THE FREMONT - For the Bottomless Brunch Babes

If you’re trying to get super wrecked this spot is for you. The Fremont in River North offers a club atmosphere and a surprisingly awesome brunch - a literal fountain of cheese, omelette station, an Instagrammable doughnut wall and mac & cheese for days!


  • $35 for brunch buffet plus $15 for unlimited champagne. The package is totally worth it; the waitresses come by every time you are even a little less than full and top you off. No premixed mimosas, all champagne and if you wish...you can add juice. If you're there for a special occasion, they offer cupcake shots with sparklers for $8.00 a piece.

3. YOLK - Instagrammable and Family-Friendly

This open kitchen concept is perfect for breakfast and brunch with the fam. Started in Chicago, Yolk has become so popular that restaurants have opened in Indiana and Texas, in addition to the 7 in Chicago-land area.


  • Red Velvet French Toast

  • Bacon Waffles

  • Countryside Skillet

  • Nutella Crepes

Did we miss your favorite? Message us on Instagram and let us know what to try next time we are in the Midwest @TheWreckord.

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