• Alyssa Case


Photos courtesy of AC

If you haven't noticed your friend's insta-stories with the hashtag #29Rooms, you're either living under a rock or maybe you're still emotionally recovering from the fact that Ari as the Bachelor isn't some kind of sick joke.

It's okay, we forgive you. If you weren't able to make it to this year's

29Rooms, we are here to fill you in on what you missed...or didn't miss.

29Rooms is Refinery 29's revolutionary "funhouse of style, culture, and technology." Located inside a warehouse in Williamsburg, and created by a group of global artists and visionaries, the theme this year was Turn It Into Art. Although the art is the highlight, the people watching definitely took the cake as the main event.

Despite getting a ticket prior to showing up, you'll need to wait on a line that wraps the block because, hey this is New York City folks - anything worth getting into has a line.

Floppy hats, knee-high boots, and wide-legged jumpsuits.... yup, you're in Brooklyn. Spotted, someone who was on Project Runway and you're not even inside yet. Enter the doors, and you're transported to Disneyland for social media addicts. A massive amount of decked out girls, each walking with a trendy guy carrying a high-tech camera around his neck, eagerly awaiting to take their next "cool" shot.

A wave of heat smacks you in the face and you look around and there's lines, lines, and more lines. Walk through a maze of people and you'll check out rooms. Some of our favorites to highlight:

Shred It by Jake Gyllenhaal. When is Jake not crushing it? One step inside the room and you're told to take whatever is weighing you down and turn it into art. So you can write down something on a paper such as a fear and shred it with a manual paper shredder. Very freeing and makes for great boomarangs!

The Future Is Female by Jen Mussari. A room filled with punching bags handpainted with empowering messages. There are boxing gloves and with each punch a triumphant sound is made.

Sonic Spin by Dyson: Step into a windy room where Dyson Supersonic hairdryers are on high power as sparkled pinwheels dance. Grab your own and pose for a windblown selfie.

When your time slot is done, you'll walk out of the warehouse and it will cross your mind if you should take a selfie with the stack of garbage bags on the street, because you're feeling oh so inspired to #turnitintoart

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