• Tori Domenico


Photo courtesy of Sensi Tapas

1. The Food: I mean, obviously, the food. Come prepared to stuff your face like the fat American you are. The portions are perfectly sized to share with groups of friends or family and we guarantee you won’t stop ordering the entire time you are there.

Wrecked Menu: Try the Fresh Truffle Ravioli (in a parmesan cream, scented with truffle oil), Chef Style Bravas Potatoes, Sobrasada Croquettes with honey aioli and Seafood Paella.

2. The Vibes: The vibes at Sensi on Ample are on point. A side-street in the Gothic Quarter leads you to a tiny restaurant tucked away in the heart of Barcelona. Arrive late, around 11:00pm to start your night. No one in Spain arrives early for dinner, so try not to embarrass yourself. The space is cozy and welcoming and the staff will seat you right away.

Wrecked Hint: Take your Instagram photos and put your phone away. You’ll notice the locals actually TALKING to each other over a good meal and a glass of wine. Try to live in the moment here and you’ll really feel like a local.

3. The Sangria: The Sangria at Sensi Tapas is unreal. The staff fills large glasses of strong sangria, just how we like it. There’s not much else to say here other than, order it.

4. The City: Barcelona is one of the most electric cities in the world. The culture that encompasses you, the people you meet and the way of life leaves something to be desired for any traveler. Can’t forget about those siestas; the people are definitely doing something right.

If you’re doing Spain the wrecked way, you'll want to go out after dinner. Check out La Terraza where you can dance in a museum till sunrise. The website LITERALLY describes it as an "atmospheric fun club"...so, you’ll definitely thank us later.

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