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The Nest, photo by TW

I went to the Pacific Northwest and saw lots of plaid, ate a ton of oysters and drank myself into a SEA-town oblivion. Unfortunately, I didn't find any Robert Pattinson vampires, which I’m still a bit upset about. On the upside, there's a ton more to Seattle than just Starbucks, Amazon and Microsoft (although those three companies pretty much run the game in town, there's no denying that).

We're here to give you our top #Wreckmendations of the best bottomless brunches, rooftop bars and tourist tricks - all experienced personally, thanks to Seattle native and fellow wreck - Mikey Stromberg @michaelvstromberg

After landing at SEA we immediately drove to bottomless brunch in the Fremont area to a Sicilian place called Agrodolce, by Maria Hines, a James Beard Award Winning chef who happens to offer a fabulous brunch deal. Obviously, drinking was our number one priority (we are ASU alumni after all). For just $15 you get bottomless mimosas in your own carafe, and you don’t get kicked out after 2 hours like in NYC.

  • Menu Wreckmendations: Fried Chicken and Waffles, Polenta Cake Benedict and Focaccia French Toast Bites

A few hours later, we walked outside and I noticed a few totally random green bikes just left on the street or sidewalk WTF? It's Seattle’s version of CityBike, called LimeBike - unlike New York, apparently people respect bikes and by unlocking the bike with a Phone App, you can ride the bike and leave it wherever the fuck you want for someone else to ride…much like a one-night stand in my opinion (minus the respect). Pretty weird, but pretty cool.

We walked to an art installation people call the Troll (that looks like me when I wake up after an all-nighter). It makes for a great Instagram or a perfect place to inappropriately shotgun a beer under a bridge.

We were feeling nice and boozed up and decided to check out Westward for a bottle of wine and oysters. Luckily, it was a beautiful day and the Seattle "mist" was holding off. I liked this place and they had a firepit and lounge chairs to sit on. Perhaps it was too classy for us, and after a few pretentious PNW stares and 2 bottles of wine, we continued on to check out rooftop bar and restaurant, The Nest.

While at The Nest rooftop, some older divorcees found us “interesting” and bought us shots, after that not much is clear but my iPhone photos let me know that the views were pretty dope and you could get some great babe pictures in front of Ferris wheel.

We left and grabbed a few 40’s from a 7/11 and powered onto Pike Place Market for some drinks and food. Pike Place Market is Seattle’s original farmers market overlooking the waterfront.

  • Wreckmendations: Check out the fresh fishmongers, produce and food vendors

Any wreck who travels makes a commitment to seeing the tourist sites just to knock it off the ole bucket list. Head to the Seattle Center grab tickets to go up to the top of the Space Needle. I learned that this literally has nothing to do with space (blonde moment) and it was actually built for the World’s Fair in 1962.

It was now Sunday, so there was no escaping SPORTZ. Here’s why I love Leny's Place: Leny’s is a small dive bar with mozzy sticks, wings and HUGE beers for dirt cheap. Everyone was decked out in Seahawks gear, although I'm sure they wear the same thing MON-SAT, too. The vibes and team spirit in there was enough to make me buy a Seahawks beanie, so you know it had to be fun.

  • Wreckmendations: Pudding shots, you're welcome


Taylor Shellfish Farms, photo by TW

Taylor Shellfish Farms – a drive through the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest, but totally worth it. You get oysters straight from the source and cheap– bring your own booze to the picnic tables on the water.

If you're planning to visit Seattle any of these places should be on your list and we guarantee you’ll enjoy the city. Here’s one last wrecked hint: If you use an umbrella the locals will know you’re a tourist, do yourself a favor and bring a shell rain jacket with a hood.

P.S. – weed is legal

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